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Word of the Day: Valor

Jul 4, 2019 | The Dictionary Project: Word of the Day

val-or / ˈvalər
1.      bravery; strength of mind allowing someone to encounter danger boldly
The colors of the flag may thus be explained:
The red is for valor, zeal, and fervency;
the white for hope, purity, cleanliness of life and rectitude of conduct;
the blue, the color of heaven, for reverence to God, loyalty, sincerity, justice and truth.
John L. Duffy, ?-


First recorded in the 14th century, valor initially meant “value or worth.” The word comes from an Old French word valour, meaning “moral worth, merit.” This word has Latin roots, coming from valorem, from the stem valere, “be strong, be worthy.” The first time the word was associated with courage was an Italian word, valore, in the 16th century.

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