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Word of the Day: Quiet

Aug 10, 2019 | The Dictionary Project: Word of the Day | 0 comments

qui-et / ˈkwīət
1.      making little to no sound
You must keep quiet or say only things that improve silence.
Greek Proverb
2.      having little to no motion; calm
The heart of the wise man lies quiet like limpid water.
Cameroonian Proverb
3.      free from sound or extraneous noise
There comes a time in every life when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your heart.
from ‘Just Listen’ by Sarah Dessen, 1970-
4.      free from tumult; peaceful
Who lives in a quiet house has plenty.
New Zealander Proverb
5.      marked by a lack of activity
I like to have quiet evenings and relax.
Gareth Gates, 1984-
6.      said or expressed in a gentle manner
[Men] take extra special care to listen to a quiet tone while they automatically shut out loud ones.
Sherrilyn Kenyon, 1965-
7.      subdued
[We] all know quiet colors by their instant calming effect.
1.      to pacify or cause to cease making noise
But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content.
Psalm 131, verse 2, NIV Bible
2.      to stop making noise
Because when the world quiets to the sound of your own breathing, we all want the same things: comfort, love, and a peaceful heart.
from ‘Have a Little Faith: a True Story’ by Mitch Albom, 1958-
1.      the state of making little to no sound
Winter’s silence brings us to the inner quiet that speaks beyond normal words.
Bruce Davis, Ph.D., ?-
2.      the state of being peaceful and lacking tumult
Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.
Helen Keller, 1880-1968

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