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Word of the Day: Explore

Jul 13, 2019 | The Dictionary Project: Word of the Day | 0 comments

ex-plore / ikˈsplôr
1.      to study, investigate or look into
The free exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world.
John Steinbeck, 1902-1968
2.      to become familiar with by testing
This year, Whole Foods called out Middle Eastern culinary influences as a top trend, citing that customers are ready to explore classic ingredients like harissa, cardamom, za’atar, and dishes like shakshuka, grilled halloumi, lamb, pomegranate, tahini, tomato jam, and dried fruits.
Stephanie Cain, ?-,
3.      to travel over or through unfamiliar territory for discovery
You can’t use an old map to explore a new world.
Albert Einstein, 1879-1955
4.      to examine in the interest of diagnosing or getting more information
An alternative to laparotomy is laparoscopy (‘keyhole surgery’), where small incisions are made through which to explore the abdominal cavity.

Thank you for including the Dictionary Project in the good work you do in your club.  In my club, we have provided Dictionaries for third-grade students for enough years that now we are having former students help us to present dictionaries each year.  They are often returning to the same classrooms that they were third-grade students.  Teachers plead every year for us to NEVER quit this valuable project.  They tell us that students NEED paper books to learn to read, to learn to do research and to do independent study.  Please send me pictures of your presentations and tell me about your visits to the schools to give dictionaries to the students. To be included in our newsletter you can send me your stories at

By PDG Scott McLaughlin

District Governor 2019-2020
PDG Scott is currently serving as an Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 29 (Region 36). Scott is a member of the Paul Harris Society and Major Donor.Scott is a Rotarian in the Kearney Dawn Rotary Club of Kearney, NE

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