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Word of the Day: Wrangle

Jul 24, 2019 | The Dictionary Project: Word of the Day | 0 comments

wran-gle / ˈraNGɡəl
1.      to argue or bicker in a noisy or peevish manner
A husband and wife should resolve never to wrangle with each other; never to bandy words or indulge in the least ill-humour.
Timothy Shay Arthur, 1809-1885
2.      to tend or herd
It pays to be in the best shape possible when you’re wrangling the largest reptiles on Earth!
Terri Irwin, 1964-
3.      to engage in an argument
Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it; anything but live for it.
Charles Caleb Colton, 1780-1882
4.      to obtain by maneuvering
They’re coming at us so fast – the gizmos, the doodads, the gimcracks, the wonderments – so ubiquitously, so overwhelmingly, we’ve not yet found how best to wrangle each new miracle into genuine usefulness.
From ‘You Aren’t Special’ by David McCullough, Jr., ?-
1.      a noisy dispute
Never get mixed up in a Welsh wrangle.
From ‘Decline and Fall’ by Evelyn Waugh, 1903-1966
2.      an action or instance of bickering
Out of some little thing, too free a tongue can make an outrageous wrangle.
Euripides, c. 480-406 BCE

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