September 20, 2019

How many recognition Points are you saving?

Sep 20, 2019 | MOJO Blog

Did you know that for EVERY dollar you donate to The Rotary Foundation (Annual Fund, Polio Plus, or a specific Global Grant) you earn an equal contribution of PHF Recognition points.  Most members don’t realize this or even know what to do with these recognition points.

There are thousands and thousands of points that can be used for numerous beneficial rewards. Our clubs have many generous members giving to the Rotary Foundation, but are missing the opportunity to be generous to someone special to them or their club.  These points are ONLY good to give away, or to GIFT them to someone else.  There is no value for you to save them for yourself.  There is no super secret “Rotary Points Store” to spend your points.  Basically they are wothless, unless and until you “Gift them” to someone else.  Let’s take a look an example.

Your club leadership (President, Foundation Chair, or Secretary) can generate the “Club Recognition Summary” (insert above) which will report Foundation Recognition Points Available by member.  You can also log into your own MyRotary profile and generate your own “Donor History Report” and view your own recognition points available.

In the above example you can see that of the eight members (with red arrows) there is a total of 14,716.80 points available! … so how can you use these points?  Consider these ideas:

  1.   Recognize other members for exemplary club leadership
  2.   Incentivize members for giving to the Foundation by signing up for Rotary Direct (“Pay it forward”, when a new member accumulates points they can then “Gift” their points to someone else)
  3.   Recognize community leaders (Fire Chief, Teacher, Village leadership etc.) . … And don’t forget to invite them to join Rotary.
  4.   Thank You to other club members (for bringing a guest, signing a new member, chair a project, etc.)
  5.   Start a PHF Roundtable (match points for TRF Giving)

The first thing to understand, is that points belong to the member.  Nobody can take them away or give  these points to anyone else, … without the member signing them away.  There are some simple rules.

  •   you must transfer them in increments of 100’s.  (ie: 100, 200, 500 etc.)
  •   you can “Gift them” to anyone. (ie: another member, non-rotarian, family member etc.)
  •   you can “Gift them” for any purpose. (ie: incentivize, recognize etc.)
  •   you can not give them to yourself or transfer them to your club.
  •   once you “Gift them” they are moved from your “Recognitions Pts Available” to recipients “Recognition Amount.”

Make a bigger impact by joing with other members with points to form a secret “Gifting Council”.   Click on the button to the right to get started.  If you need help drop me an email.

By PDG Scott McLaughlin

District Governor 2019-2020
PDG Scott is currently serving as an Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 29 (Region 36). Scott is a member of the Paul Harris Society and Major Donor.Scott is a Rotarian in the Kearney Dawn Rotary Club of Kearney, NE

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